About Us

Sun-Canadian Pipe Line was built in 1953 to transport refined petroleum products for its owners from refineries in the Sarnia area to marketing plants in London, Hamilton, and the Toronto area in a safe, reliable, economical, and environmentally sound manner.


Safety Record

Sun-Canadian has an excellent record with respect to safety and pipeline reliability. In the pipeline industry, the majority of pipeline leaks and failures are caused by third party damage, usually the result of digging before the lines are located by an inspector. Line locating is a no-charge service available to all and can be arranged by calling 1-800-263-6641. Minor spills or leaks from equipment are thoroughly cleaned-up, following any necessary repairs which are made immediately. Sun-Canadian employees have not had a loss time injury since February 1996. Sun-Canadian has recevied several safety awards over the years, including the 2003 President's Award from the Electrical & Utilities Safety Association (E&USA) for successfully completing 500,000 hours of work without a compensable injury.


Emergency Response Capabilities

Sun-Canadian Pipe Line’s Emergency Response Plan details specific contingency plans for potential risk scenarios that could impact the pipeline. The plan covers general response procedures, roles and responsibilities, emergency response contacts and resources.

SCPL has a full equipped Emergency Response trailer for first response to any incident as well as contracts in place with specialized emergency response companies to assist when an escalated response is needed. We are also members of Chemical Valley Emergency Coordinating Org. (CVECO) in the Sarnia Area.