Call Before You Dig


Sun-Canadian's road crossing markers identifies the location and number of pipelines crossing the particular road. The signs provide essential contact information. A Call to the 1-800-263-6641 number may be used for both general inquiries or for emergency response.

The bright orange post, 'Warning', High Pressure and the flammable labels are all designed to attract your attention, and promote caution for all those in the vicinity.

The 'Call before you dig' symbol reminds you to call for assistance if you are working in the vicinity.

By calling the notification service,

ON1Call at 1-800-400-2255,

you can initiate free buried plant inspections from a variety of members including Sun-Canadian Pipe Line Company Limited to ensure your site is safe before you begin work.

No matter what province you live in, it's important to locate underground utilities before you start any project that disturbs ground. If you live in Ontario, "call before you dig" is the law. In 2012, Ontario passed ground breaking legislation which requires contractors and homeowners to locate buried lines and pipes before they break ground.